New eToys [Was: Re: [Etoys] EToys question -- clearly I'm missing some key concept]

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Mon Jan 29 20:47:54 EST 2007

On 2007 January 27 12:47, Brad Fuller wrote:
> Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> > I was not really advocating not using Squeak I like it :) - just a
> > no-separate-download/1-click install. I guess one way to achieve 1 click
> > (or no click) install of Squeak would be to make vendors ship Squeak with
> > the browser like Java, but that's hard. I thougt there must be another
> > way to achieve 1-click install, I wonder how Flash installs on Windows,
> > it seems to install only with a click without separate download (if the
> > plugin is not originally installed) but I do not know how it's achieved
> > and whether same could be done for Squeak.
> What would be helpful is that if squeak could get on lists like this:

Yes, with the ability to be installed without a download if possible; or being 
shipped with the browser (but I do not think that is realistic) - either 
would give penetration equal to that of Firefox (about 20%).

It seems to a way for Squeak (or any other product) to have close to 100% 
penetration is:

	- to hitchhike on one of the existing railroads:
		- ship with Windows + other major OSes
		- ship with the browsers 
		(Neither is very realistic)

	- to be written in JS or (perhaps) Flash - but if I understand what Alan 
said, current JS implementations are too slow for the type of stuff 
application like Squeak needs. It seems to me replacing the JS implementation 
with a more efficient one does not help, because it could be accepted by 
Firefox, but how can acceptance by Microsoft be forced.

	- There is a third way I think - If Squeak is good enough (and is marketed 
well) to become an indispensable education tool, is accepted in curriculum, 
the school sysadmins will install it, the districts and schools will direct 
them to do so :)


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