[Etoys] Collaborative Multimedia authoring (Re: New eToys)

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Fri Jan 26 15:46:30 EST 2007

Hi all,

I was reading the article and seems that is the answer to a question I 
made some weeks ago about collaborative multimedia authoring on the 
squeakland and squeak beginners mailing lists (seems that these days if 
one want a quick answer on Squeak and Education, this is the place ;-p ).

The people who is enabling teachers on New Technologies and Education 
(the center is called Ceantic) is making a course with me about Social 
Software, Learners Networks and Virtual Learning "Objects".

For the first we are using specially Wikis/Blikis,

For the second we want to consolidate a colombian/spanish Squeak 
community. There are other spanish communities but, as far as I know, 
they don't have owned/free infrastructure for communication (they depend 
on google groups, yahoo groups, your-favorite-non-community-corporation 
groups) with the obligation to have a extra ID and to get undesired 
publicity just for communication with others in the list. We would like 
to have our community  (with a non sponsored publicity mailing list) and 
start to interact with other squeakers (language is our first barrier, 
but we are trying to overpass it, as some of you viewed in the 
Squeakfest 2006).

For the third the idea is to use Squeak as a medium for the expression 
of a (academical) community. The idea is not only use it on programming 
but also y the creation of multimedia content for other classes.

WYSIwiki seems a perfect match and bridge for Software Social (wikis) 
and multimedia content. I have tried it using the browser plugin from 
Small-land (I think) and after trying to open documents at 
http://tinlizzie.org/public/ but after saying that the "image" is going 
to be actualized then nothing happens. Need I another plugin?

Talking about the plugin I think that the use of Portable Apps could be 
a solution in places where the installation of the plugins in browsers 
are restricted. Students can have a USB stick with Firefox portable with 
the plugin enabled. May be another (silly) possibility is to have some 
kind of Ajax rendering in the browser of graphical events in the Squeak 
Plugin... I don't know.

People at Ceantic is not afraid of "thinking bigger" or take risk. So 
how can we use Tinlizzie in the course at this moment? I will try to 
install/use and probe at the beginning of the next week... so if 
Squeakers can answer this soon would be better. We can help testing your 
platform and even develop it if we learn enough about it.

Hoping your answer,


Alan Kay escribió:
> Here it is.
> Cheers,
> Alan
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> At 10:43 AM 1/25/2007, Brad Fuller wrote:
>> Alan Kay wrote:
>> > Hi Milan --
>> >
>> > Yes, it is much too early to talk about the new architecture (we are
>> > still thinking). However, it will be along the lines (but quite a bit
>> > further) of the WYSIwiki that we did as an experiment last year 
>> (and is
>> > written up in an excellent paper by Takashi Yamamiya, Yoshiki Ohshima,
>> > and Scott Wallace that was just presented at C5 in Kyoto.
>> Alan,
>> Do you know if the paper is available? (didn't see it on the C5 site)
>> I'd like to read it.
>> thanks,
>> brad
>> -- 
>> brad fuller
>> www.bradfuller.com
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