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Alan Kay alan.kay at
Fri Jan 26 13:34:28 EST 2007

This would be interesting to see. But I kind of believe it. What's 
more difficult is to do what Morphic (or Cairo) can do wrt pretty 
nice dynamic graphics.



At 07:23 AM 1/26/2007, karl wrote:
>Alan Kay skrev:
>>Unfortunately browsers don't work that way. If JS and DOM were as 
>>capable and fast as Squeak this would be easy. But the very reason 
>>we have to download an executable plugin to run Squeak/Etoys is 
>>that the capabilities of the browser are still lacking. To me, this 
>>is a huge problem that needs to be resolved (in part because many 
>>American and other school children are prevented from any downloads 
>>that involve plugins and/or executables by the sysAdmins of their 
>>school district).
>>Last year, we did do a Logo entirely in the browser JS and DOM to 
>>see what could be done. This worked. So the answer is: some things 
>>but not enough.
>A few years ago I read about a smalltalk like development 
>environment written in javascript, with code browsers etc. The whole 
>project was only like 250 k and opened in a web browser window. I 
>looked quite interesting, but I can't find a link to that project 
>any longer :-(
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