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Alan Kay alan.kay at
Fri Jan 26 13:33:01 EST 2007

Yes, eventually they will get there. Right now it is quite difficult 
to get the DOM and canvas on the three main browsers to be both fast 
enough and compatible enough. So the difficulty is not doing a moon 
lander but to do an entire WYSIWYG environment for IDE of Etoys.



At 07:09 AM 1/26/2007, karl wrote:
>Alan Kay skrev:
>>Unfortunately browsers don't work that way. If JS and DOM were as 
>>capable and fast as Squeak this would be easy. But the very reason 
>>we have to download an executable plugin to run Squeak/Etoys is 
>>that the capabilities of the browser are still lacking. To me, this 
>>is a huge problem that needs to be resolved (in part because many 
>>American and other school children are prevented from any downloads 
>>that involve plugins and/or executables by the sysAdmins of their 
>>school district).
>>Last year, we did do a Logo entirely in the browser JS and DOM to 
>>see what could be done. This worked. So the answer is: some things 
>>but not enough.
>Here is a page I found on digg:
>Moon lander written in javascript.
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