[Etoys] Attempt to interactive geometry in SqueakLand-OLPC

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire2006 at laposte.net
Wed Jan 3 04:43:35 EST 2007

Hello all,

I have installed and played a bit with my DrGeoII package[1] within 
SqueakLand-OLPC image. DrGeoII is about interactive geometry within 
Squeak, it is a major rewrite of an C++/GTK+ application[2].

Loading the specific version 72[3] in SqueakLand-OLPC is no problem. 
 From a workspace, executing "DrGApp new" open a new sketch ready for 

So far the compatibility is quite good. It is not surprising as DrGeoII 
was written with Squeak3.8. I have tested the Etoys scripting over 
geometric point of DrGeoII and it works ok.

The interface is still in French, but this can be changed easily.
However I have noted the accented characters in the DrGeoII messages are 
not good. I am not sure but I think the characters in DrGeoII are UTF-8, 
and those characters were inputed from a Squeak3.8 image. I don't 
understand why it is becoming incompatible. Any idea?

Another point I am curious about is how responsive is DrGeoII within a 
OLPC. On my AMD1000Mhz machine it is very smooth and interactive but it 
may be  different story with the OLPC and Geode CPU (as long as Geode 
integrates a FPU it should be just fine)
If someone with an OLPC unit could load it[3] and report it there I 
would be very interested.

Hilaire Fernandes




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