[Etoys] code font size

Alexandre Martinazzo alexandremartinazzo at yahoo.com.br
Fri Feb 9 09:06:19 EST 2007

I was working on a project, one of the etoys examples, viewing a script. Then I changed the font (type and size). I had no problem to see the code at this point. When I clicked on "Navigator" -> "Prev", I got the dialog box: MessageNotUnderstood: TTCFont>>fontArray, "An error has ocurred, you sholud probably just hit 'abandon'. Sorry!"
The same happens if I go back to the project. I'm using build 239 on my B1 machine.


Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki  squeakland.org> a écrit :I'm not sure what you meant by saying "it works fine, but got an
error"^^; It works fine for me, too. but I don't get a "message not
understood" error during the course of changing fonts.  Did you get
the error when you are doing something after the font change?

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