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Alexandre Martinazzo alexandremartinazzo at yahoo.com.br
Wed Feb 7 08:36:58 EST 2007

I did it using the world menu. Actually, the correct option to do what I wanted was not change the "code font", but the "default text font". It works fine, but I got an error message ("message not understood").


Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki  squeakland.org> a écrit :   Alexandre and Alan,

> Quite a bit of work was put into this for the B2 build. Let us know what you think. You can also download the current
> Etoys version and put it on your B1 machine.

  However, the font for the textual representation of fonts are not
modified (yet).

  The way you fix is to bring up a world menu by pressing Alt-shift-w
(it may take some seconds for the first time in a session), choose
"appearance...", then choose "system fonts...", then choose "code
font..." (third from the bottom in this menu), then wait for a while,
and choose the style of font you would like, then choose the size
of font, and then choose the emphasis if necessary.

-- Yoshiki

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