[Etoys] loading application in Etoys image

Alex Asimakopoulos asimak at csd.auth.gr
Mon Dec 31 02:42:13 EST 2007

where can i read "Stephan's BotIncs progresses"? i am intrested in 
loading croquet image (wich is a smalltalk -squeak aplication)
and i am realy intrested in that!
could you give me any links related to this?
i would appreciate your help!
thanx in advance!

O/H Hilaire Fernandes έγραψε:
> Reading Stephan's BotIncs progresses is encouraging about using etoys
> image as a base for additional Smalltalk application.
> Last November, related to DrGeo we had a thread about fast loading of
> compiled code in an existing image. The discussion went over my
> understanding and I am not sure if it lead to workable solution. What
> is the state of affair?
> Hilaire
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