[Etoys] OLPC (e-toys) + Croquet

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Dec 23 06:27:09 EST 2007

For using alternate images, see


For building your own activity with a different image, see the EPaati  
discussion in the archives of the Etoys list.

TinLizzie indeed uses Croquet with a 2D UI implemented in Tweak. It  
has not been released yet, though Viewpoints intended to do so for  
quite some time.

- Bert -

On Dec 23, 2007, at 11:34 , Alex Asimakopoulos wrote:

> OK if we forget the OpenGl thing..
> if Croquet people release a 2d version of Croquet.. i think there  
> is a project called Tin Lizzie, that uses 2d graphics...
> how easy it is , to install a croquet imge, like etoyz image into  
> sugar? like a separate activity...
> i read that e-toys image has a little sugar glue code, ..
> what can i do to run croquet image inside sugar, or inside e-toys?
> Thanx in advance..
> with regards,
>  Alex Asimakopoulos
> O/H Jeffrey Kesselman έγραψε:
>> Alex, Im new at the OLPC but i know enough about graphics to  
>> comfortably answer your question. The problem is a lot more  
>> fundamental then just a missing library. OpenGL, the way it is  
>> used today, is an interface to 3D rendering hardware. To my  
>> knowledge OLPC has no such hardware inside it. It has basic 2D  
>> graphics only. While it is *possible* to do OpenGl in software,  
>> such "sioftware drivers" are very processor intensive and the OLPC  
>> is designed to be inexpensive to build and run a long time on a  
>> charge-- both of these mean that it has to have a much less  
>> powerful processor then today's laptops or desktops. The short  
>> version of this is simple that the OLPC isn't capable of 3D  
>> rendering. And thats the sum total. Now, if you were to write a  
>> new 2D graphics engine that used the croquet protocol, that might  
>> be doable. Maybe. On Dec 21, 2007 5:30 PM, Alex Asimakopoulos  
>> <asimak at csd.auth.gr> wrote:
>>> Hello, i am currently studying on Croquet platform and OLPC-XO  
>>> laptop. I would like to ask you , if there is a way for Croquet  
>>> and OLPC-XO (or e-toys activity inside it) to be together. Both  
>>> Croquet and OLPC activity "e-toys" rely on Squeak VM, but in  
>>> etoys' Squeak VM there is NO OpenGL 3D Graphics Support. [it is a  
>>> parameter in Squeak.ini file]. Could it be imported into e-toys  
>>> such a big project like Croquet? is there any way of doing this?  
>>> Sharing the same VM.. Or by creating a separate activity, like e- 
>>> toys image and importing it into Sugar?  i am asking this because  
>>> the base platform is Squeak Vm and there must be some way of the  
>>> two platforms integrate into one. hope i am not confusing you...  
>>> thanx in advance for your answers... with regards, Alex  
>>> Asimakopoulos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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