[Etoys] OLPC (e-toys) + Croquet

Alex Asimakopoulos asimak at csd.auth.gr
Fri Dec 21 17:30:11 EST 2007

Hello,  i am currently studying on Croquet platform and OLPC-XO laptop.

I would like to ask you , if there is a way for Croquet and OLPC-XO (or 
e-toys activity inside it) to be together.
Both Croquet and OLPC activity "e-toys" rely on Squeak VM, but in etoys' 
Squeak VM there is NO OpenGL 3D Graphics Support. [it is a parameter in 
Squeak.ini file].

Could it be imported into  e-toys such a big project like Croquet?
is there any way of doing this? Sharing the same VM..
Or by creating a separate activity, like e-toys image and importing it 
into Sugar?

i am asking this because the base platform is Squeak Vm and there must 
be some way of the two platforms integrate into one.

hope i am not confusing you...
thanx in advance for your answers...

with regards,
Alex Asimakopoulos
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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