[Etoys] [OLPC-Games] [ANN] Squeak/Etoys OLPC page available

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Dec 11 19:36:07 EST 2007

  Thank you Robert!

> We are happy to announce our Squeak/Etoys OLPC page at http:// 
> www.swa.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/projects/olpc/ where we are going to  
> publish projects/content developed by our students. Comments are  
> welcomed.

  Oh, no.  Not Sokoban at this busy time^^; I tried Sokoban on my B4
and it works fine.  The rubber cursor keys occasionally fail to
respond; if I hit them to quickly, I get in trouble.

  The level 12 of "Mas Microban" in Sokoban have three cheese pieces
but only two nest holes.  Is this a glitch introduced when the data
was imported?

  On Joyride 1379, Browse still cannot launch Etoys when I access .pr
on the web (and on 1401, Browse doesn't work at all).  But it should
work in that way and the end-users should be able to play with these
games on the web.

  We could also add an easier interface in Etoys so that adding, say,
a SuperSwiki2 site and load a project from it...

-- Yoshiki

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