[Etoys] Compressing sounds

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Mon Dec 10 18:30:15 EST 2007

Hi Luke,

Sorry about the API is too complicated though, this is a way of compressing
a sound the SoundLibrary. I assumed the sound tile name is 'tada'.

| soundName compressed |
soundName := 'tada'.
compressed := (SampledSound soundNamed: soundName) compressWith: GSMCodec.
			addLibrarySoundNamed: soundName
			bytes: compressed channels first
			codecSignature: compressed codecSignature.

- Takashi

2007/12/5, Luke Gorrie <luke at member.fsf.org>:
> Howdy!
> I have a lot of big sampled speech (form .wav files -- MixedSound
> objects) in the SoundLibrary and I'd like to compress them with
> GSMCodec and still use them with 'make sound' tiles. Can someone
> please give me an incantation?
> I'm off to a school in the morning but I need to prune RAM usage
> somewhat first :-)

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