[Etoys] Squeak VM status concerning language encodings

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Dec 3 16:52:14 EST 2007


> >   I need to clean up some stuff.  But see that attached picture.  I
> > saved an HTML I found on the net, read it and make up a WideString
> > consists of these characters, and create a TextMorph.
> How do you read it up and create the WideString?

  Reading part is just like in a Workspace:

  f := FileStream 'devanagari.txt'.
  f converter: UTF8TextConverter new.  "this is set by default and not
                                        necessary, but to show the idea."
  str := f contentsOfEntireFile.
  str inspect.

> The font we really want to use is this:
> http://nepalinux.org/fonts/samanata.ttf -- can you tell if that's
> supported somehow? e.g. import the font page of Nepali wikipedia into
> Squeak and take a screenshot?

  If Pango supports, it should work.

> We'll look more at the details you and Bert have sent tomorrow and
> then we're also meeting the experts who translate Linux/Gnome into
> Nepali. Maybe we already have all the details we need but anything
> extra might come in handy :-)


> >   On Windows, Mac, and Linux, ot works.  For the next version of
> > Squeakland, it won't be there, unfortunately.
> Out of curiosity -- how will the next Squeakland differ from the XO?
> We'd like very much to be able to "webify" the Squeak projects that we
> develop for the XO.

  They are going to be almost the same.  The features provided by
Sugar won't be there but like running as a browser plugin should be
possible, even the browser's world is somewhat fragmented in these

-- Yoshiki

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