[Etoys] Proposal on how to use Pootle for etoys

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 11:59:35 EST 2007

Hi, Xavier.

> In the end, the rule seems to be there in order to guarantee that
> Pootle can do it's job in keeping the PO files in-sync with its
> corresponding POT.
  I think I understand the rule, thanks !

> So my answer-question would be: why did you want to upload an
> etoys_test.po file in the first place? :)
I just wanted to try uploading functionality of Pootle while I noticed
people submitting to the "test project". So I wanted to rescue their
contributions in ja.po and used alternative name. And bang :-)

> BTW, another catch when uploading stuff is that the name of the
> file to be uploaded can't be modified, meaning that you can't
> upload foo.po as bar.po, forcing you to have the same local
> names. Also, you can't delete these files without access to the
> filesystem, so uploading 'stuff' is something to be considered
> carefully.
Let me confirm about your policy to grant uploading:
admins for translation project can do uploading and you delegate "how
to use it" to project admins from community, right?  then we will need
to have some guideline for us to work smoothly with them...

> If we are going to include Etoys in Pootle using version control,
> we are not forced to replicate the version control directory
> hierarchy (as we would be symlinking the POT & PO files). This
> would allow us to have an Etoys project with multiple POT files,
> just like the 'assembled projects' xo_core & xo_bundled, or we
> could include the 'core' into xo_core, and put the other Etoys'
> files in either xo_bundled, (the future) xo_extras or an Etoys'
> specific project...
  We will have multiple POs/POTs for etoys as Bert wrote, so etoys need
to go with non-GNU style.
  I think separated project for etoys will be simpler :)

> TamTam is a good example of the flexibility achieved, although a
> lousy one at standardization -- and a bit of a headache for our
> evolving scripts: there's one git with four sub-dirs and each
> sub-dir is an activity with its own /po directory & files. But
> within xo_core, they are presented as four distinct files that
> symlink to the real thing on an equal basis with other (more
> standard) activities.
We still need to formulate how to manage etoys-based activity and its

Thanks for your suggestion !

/Korakurider   (I am moving from yahoo to gmail)

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