[Etoys] Clipboard between eToys and Sugar

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Mon Apr 16 22:35:19 EDT 2007

Hi Bert,

>> 2) Graphics image
>> Copy an image between eToys and another activity both way.
>> 3) Morph
>> Copy a morph to another instance of etoy's image through the
>> clipboard or export as a graphics to another activity.
> We should handle both of these similarly ... when dragging a morph into 
> some other activity it might be just an image. We should also provide 
> strings for morph (working like the copy text halo menu).

I agree. It's simple for user. Actually, I didn't know there is copy
items in the halo menu. That's too tricky UI...

>> 4) Formatted text
>> I think it is harder part than others. Using RTF???
> I think it uses the text/richtext MIME standard.
> Dragging some text from open office into Squeak produces these formats:
>   type 0 == 379 text/plain;charset=utf-8
>   type 1 == 220 UTF8_STRING
>   type 2 == 397 
> application/x-openoffice-embed-source-xml;windows_formatname="Star Embed 
> Source (XML)"
>   type 3 == 398 
> application/x-openoffice-objectdescriptor-xml;windows_formatname="Star 
> Object Descriptor (XML)"
>   type 4 == 399 text/richtext
>   type 5 == 400 text/html
> (I compiled sqUnixXdnd with DEBUG_XDND enabled)

Thank you for the information. I'll take a look deeper. I thought RTF
just because Sugar's clipboard (right edge of the frame) said "RTF
File" when I copied in Write activity. Maybe RTF is text/richtext?

> We should discuss this with the other platform developers on the 
> vmdev-list.


> That would be great. As I understand, the proper interaction will be 
> dragging text or objects into the frame. This means the Hand's contents 
> needs to be visually on top of the frame. The only way to implement this 
> properly would be to use the new large cursor support - you can make the 
> cursor be as large as the whole screen.

I didn't quite understand though, You mean that the drag target is
drawn on out of the squeak image? That's attractive.

> IIUC the Hand already has its own canvas onto which it renders its
> submorphs, logically these are on a layer above the world. So the
> basics are there already. I'm not sure if you want to tackle this or
> if we need a Morphic guru to do it ...

umm, it seems not to be easy to make for me... I prefer to start
stupidly simple at first. What about to use X halo for cut, and
duplicate halo for copy?

> Another issue is the dragging interaction - if there is some selected 
> text, dragging it should move it around. Dropping into the frame should 
> be the equivalent of "copy", but dropping it onto some other place 
> inside squeak should be "cut&paste", that is, delete it from the 
> original place and append to the target.

Yes. Let's follow Write's convention as well as possible.

- Takashi

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