[Etoys] Clipboard between eToys and Sugar

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Mon Apr 16 06:10:02 EDT 2007


I have been playing with the source code of Sugar last week. So I'm
ready to go further.  To break a barrier between eToys and another
activities, I think it is necessary to make eToys' clipboard work with
Sugar clipboard properly.
Currently, only you can copy a string from eToys to others,
but apparently that's too inconvenience. So my plan is:

1) Simple string
Copy a string between eToys and another activity both way.

2) Graphics image
Copy an image between eToys and another activity both way.

3) Morph
Copy a morph to another instance of etoy's image through the
clipboard or export as a graphics to another activity.

4) Formatted text
I think it is harder part than others. Using RTF???

5) Drag and drop

I guess most of them can be done just by using X11's clipboard. But if
I realize to need dbus, I'll wait for Michael's dbus implementation.
And more challenge would be UI issue. For example, we don't have an
easy way to copy neither a simple text or a morph. But I could
implement internal code without waiting the discussion.

- Takashi

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