[Etoys] Re: [Squeakland] OLPC Image Test and Report [Was: OLPC eToys!]

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Sep 28 20:05:51 EDT 2006

  Milan,  (Now etoys at laptop.org is included.)

> Attached is list of things I found and commented on (OO format), and also the 
> crash log.

  I started looking at the issues in the file.  Below is my comment:

> B2. Text and Images in Tools Flap seems cut when first started.

  We won't have Tools Flap in eToyFriendly mode with eToys flaps.
Somewhat lower priority.

> B3. Loading Something using SqueakMap Package Loader: Message about
> Squeak MasterServer is running a different version (2.2) ...etc.

  At one point, probably we should make sure that SqueakMap and
Monticello works.  But again, the primary goal is to provide good
eToys experience.  (Thank you for testing!)

> B5. Installing RemoteFrameBuffer into OLPC image (updated) from
> SqueakMap, I received a MNU "SystemDictionary changes" around
> SMDefaultInstaller>>fileIntoChangesetNamed:fromStream


> B6. Error Not Indexable: Try TranscriptShow: someNumber,someNumber
> bombs- But CANNOT duplicate, Squeak log attached.

  Thank you.  I'll look at it, but it would be nice if we can

> B7. I think the following will be probably unreadable on OLPC Small
> Screen: (Publish Project and Save Project on File.)

  The first patch for this problem is already in the update stream.
But, Takashi will look at it and clean it up.

> B8. (script in text mode.)

  I tried it and seems to be doing the right thing here.  Are you
certain that you did put "^" in the textually coded script?

> B9. I created a project completely in OLPC image with latest
> updates. Saved the project and put it on a website here:
> http://squeakers.ca:9091...

  At this point, we aren't keen to make it possible to load a project
from the OLPC image into the Squeakland image.  It would make sense to
modify the Squeakland image.  (A radical idea is to make OLPC image
with some font modifications *be* the next Squeakland image, but there
are pros and cons.)

> N1. Menu simplification.

  The first cut is in the update stream.  Again, a typical user won't
see the World menu.  Some useful stuff in the World menu were moved to
the red-halo menu of the World.

> N2. Source file.

  It should be SqueakV3.sources.  Basically, we should lobby for the
space on the flash to put it.

> N3. capitalization of names on menus.

  Yes.  Since there are translations for other languages, it would be
wise to provide the English translation from Squeakly language.

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki

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