[Etoys] Next Steps for B-Test2 and more

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Mon Oct 30 22:56:27 EST 2006


  Thank you for responding!

> This list looks like a great start. I agree with all of these topics as 
> they correspond to issues that we need to address for one reason or 
> another. The two extra issues I'd put on this list are:
> * Generic "sensor support" (along the lines of world stethoscope) if 
> that makes any sense at all (e.g., if OLPC will have the means to plug 
> in cheap sensible sensors)

  Yes.  Markus Gaelli expressed the interest in sound support, and we
should leverage World Stethoscope, the sensor, and some tone

> * OLPC-centric interface, meaning that we need to spend some time 
> integrating the OLPC-specific means for opening projects, sharing them 
> (both locally and remotely) providing means for data exchange between 
> activities etc.

  The sharing part of this probably includes the digital signature

-- Yoshiki

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