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Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Fri Oct 27 09:17:58 EDT 2006

Hi Folks --

At 05:06 AM 10/27/2006, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>Am 27.10.2006 um 11:45 schrieb Alan Kay:
>>Hi Bert --
>>In trying this, I found a few questions, perhaps glitches.
>>- I thought we weren't going to generate the key first thing. This
>>takes a very long time on the board. Weren't we going to just
>>supply a key?
>We discussed this on the last conf call, and decided it might be too
>dangerous. It will happen the very first time only, and demonstrate
>our commitment to secure operation.

But to whom? The rest of the BTest SW doesn't do this, and we should 
be able to figure out a way around this for the next build. I think 
it is a real showstopper as far as end-users are concerned. We should 
at least reconsider what is being gained and lost here.

>>- In Takashi's tutorial, RIGHT CLICK did not bring up the halos.
>Works for me, on the board.

I was on my PC, so perhaps that's it.

>>- We don't tell the player of Demon Castle how to get back (use the
>>nav bar). This should be the last advice on the last page of the
>Yes, although there is the "to quit this tutorial ..." hint.

But, still, let's not strand them if we haven't shown them how to 
navigate. Perhaps a last door will take us back?

>>- Seems as though Demon Castle should be full screen (this is a
>>menu option in every bookmorph).
>>- On the button project, New should probably make a new project and
>>go there, rather than just putting a blank project window up.
>Agreed - that's something for Takashi to change I think.
>>- I started this image up by double clicking on it, and this gave
>>me no path to the sample Etoys folder when inside the image. But I
>>wonder if this is an artifact since the file picker seems to show
>>that the image is being executed in a different folder (probably
>>the one with the VM in it). What should I see here/what should I do?
>You need to create an "examples.dir" file as Takashi described in the
>other mail. This is in the Sugar package but needs be modified
>depending on where the image was installed. Easiest would be to start
>your etoys.image and execute this:
>((ExternalSettings preferenceDirectory directoryNamed:
>ServerDirectory serverConfDirectoryName) newFileNamed:
>'examples.dir') nextPutAll: 'name:Example Etoys\type:file\directory:'
>withCRs, Smalltalk imagePath, FileDirectory slash, 'ExampleEtoys'; close

Heh heh ... I'm glad this is already done in the Sugar package.

>It's ok to overwrite if this existed before. Then restart the image.
>You should see the "ExampleEtoys" directory in the FIND dialog.

Thanks very much!



>- Bert -

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