[Etoys] Example projects

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Oct 26 15:41:28 EDT 2006

Hi Alan,

I'm uploading these projects:

> <TurtleGeometry.001.pr>
> <SpeedAcceleration.001.pr>
> <MiddleOfRoad.001.pr>
> <Random Racing.002.pr>
> <ParticlesEpidemic.001.pr>
> <ParticlesGasModel.001.pr>
> <FollowRoad.001.pr>
> <JustPaintedCar.001.pr>
> <SteeringTheCar.002.pr>
> <CarAndPen.001.pr>
> <StartOfDTPDocument.001.pr>
> <BouncingBallAnimation.001.pr>
> <Make A Movie.001.pr>
> <BetterMovieUI.001.pr>
> <Ball Drop Analysis.001.pr>

They are installed under "/usr/share/etoys/ExampleEtoys". I'll also  
add a "knownServers" file pointing to that directory. So if you press  
"FIND", you will see two entries, "ExampleEtoys" and "My Etoys".

It would be good to also send thumbnail gifs next time, for now I  
created those myself.

* MiddleOfRoad - last color must be green
* TurtleTrails - reset moves turtle relative to lower left, but  
scripts are relative to upper left, so on the actual screen size the  
turtle is behind a script after reset. Workaround: author at  
1200x900. Same for SpeedAcceleration
* Random Racing - had to rename to "RandomRacing" because Makefile  
did not like the space, same for BallDropAnalysis

I fixed those bugs in the uploaded version.

- Bert -

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