[Etoys] [BUG] Event playback

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Thu Oct 26 00:01:34 EDT 2006

Hi Ted,

Yes, I still need your help to fix the event recorder problem. I fixed only
'The worldMorph of a different world' problem for current release. But event
recorder problem is still remained. Actually this happens rare on my PC.

http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/OLPCPlugin-1104.zip includes both image and project,
Could you test them?

- Takashi

Ted Kaehler wrote:
> Takashi,
>     Do you still need me to debug a problem when a user changes projects 
> during playback?  Or, did you find the problem and fix it?

>> Andreas Raab wrote:
>>> Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
>>>>>   Yes, it should return to the parent project to present these
>>>>> dialogs.  (And, it should stay there even if the user cancels the
>>>>> dialog).
>>>> I was trying to do that. But I didn't find out reliable way to show a
>>>> file dialog on the parent project. So I have not uploaded it yet.
>>>> Sometimes owner of the dialog becomes weird StringMorph which has 'The
>>>> worldMorph of a different world'' that was not...' instead of a
>>>> PateUpMorph.
>>> Ted would be the right person to ask about this. I vaguely remember 
>>> that he once explained to me that this happens when you try to write 
>>> a reference in a project that points to another world. I don't 
>>> remember the exact details though so I'm hoping he might chime in.

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