[Etoys] Camera (was Re: [Trac #175] Squeak/Etoys needs packaging)

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at consultar.com
Tue Oct 24 06:24:09 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

I got Video4Squeak working on Squeak-OLPC image (It's was very straight
forward, only UpdatingNumericStringMorph class was absent).


> > Another question: What palettes are used in OLPC?
> The driver can currently do YUV422, RGB565, and RGB444, all packed
> formats.  The hardware will support YUV420 planar, so that could be
> added if there is a need for it.  I'll probably also implement raw Bayer
> output at some point.

... I have no a webcam with YUV422 format to try.

Is it posible to capture (to a binary file) one YUV422 buffer? Or any
idea where I can find a YUV422 file to download?

With any of these I can test my YUV422-to-RGB24 conversion function.


-- Diego

 Diego Gomez Deck

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