[Etoys] Key generation

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Fri Oct 20 22:11:28 EDT 2006


> Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
> >   People will install the etoys package to their PC, so the keys will
> > hang around there, and such PC may have valuable data in it.  (In
> > theory, we can have different packages for such...)
> Uhm, I'm confused. I thought that the package we're making is for 
> BTest-1 not for PCs and in particular not for *PC users* (contrary to 
> developers)? What am I missing? Regardless...

  There is a stuff called sugar-jhbuild for desktop Linux.  It fetches
all packages to recreate the necessary directory and file structure to
"emulate" Sugar on it.  Our packages are fetched in that way to the
Linux desktops.

> >   For this build, I think the current status (in the repository) is
> > ok.
> ... if you feel that the current status is fine, that's okay with me. 
>  From talking to Scott I had a different impression which is why I was 
> trying to come up with options that would be acceptable for BTest-1. 
> That's unrelated to the long-term plans btw, I think we'll want to have 
> the sandbox on all the time and we should probably do that soon after 
> the deadline.

  Yes, ok.

-- Yoshiki

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