[Etoys] Key generation

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 19 16:32:45 EDT 2006


> Whatever else we do about this, that progress-bar which reports  
> runaway figures such as "580% completed" has to be tamed; even it we  
> retain its nowadays-faulty heuristic for estimating how long the key- 
> generation *should* take, we obviously need to cap the completion  
> percentage we report at 99%...  (I'll do that.)

  Yes.  (It's noted in "to do after Oct 23rd.")

> Anyway... it appears that disabling the #automaticKeyGeneration  
> preference keeps the key-generation from happening at start-up, yet  
> still allows publishing and loading projects, and still uses MySqueak  
> as the default directory.  Maybe that's all that's needed.

  I would think so.  Did you try to load a project published from an
image in a directory into another image in another directory?

> Or perhaps, for this build, would it make sense simply to include a  
> pre-built squeak.keys file alongside the image, and not otherwise  
> tamper with the security settings?

  Yeah, I thought about this but I think it adds unnecessary

-- Yoshiki

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