[Etoys] Etoys via YUM

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Oct 19 13:03:08 EDT 2006

It's the simplest way to get the latest etoys/squeak version onto the  
laptop, or any Linux machine that has yum. Once the "olpc-etoys.repo"  
file is copied to the right place, you only ever need to type "yum  
install etoys" to get up-to-date. No manual downloads, copying via  
USB stick etc. necessary anymore.

Right now the packages there are Ian's very latest VM, plus the last  
image *before* the new Welcome project (a.k.a. TryAgain), this one  
still starts with the moving star. Once we have a working version of  
the Welcome project, it will go in.

- Bert -

Am 19.10.2006 um 03:01 schrieb Kim Rose:

> Hi, Bert -
> I don't really understand what this means/implies...can you explain  
> a bit?  If one downloaded this now, what, exactly would they get?   
> Is this what will go into the final b-test build?
> thanks!
> Kim
> At 2:12 AM +0200 10/19/06, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> See http://etoys.laptop.org/
>> - Bert -
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