[Etoys] A few notes on Bookmorph

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Thu Oct 19 01:12:50 EDT 2006

Hi Milan,

> 2. Another confusing thing is that the only way to move to book around is to 
> bring the hallos. That by itself is ok, with two comments: 
> 	- All other non-trivial object presentations, (not sure how to express it, so 
> by example) such as "Sound" "Movie Player", "All Scripts" can be picked up by 
> left-clicking (red) somewhere in the non-input area. The BookMorph cannot, 
> only by invoking the halo. It would be nice to pick it up by left-clicking on 

Because a book is used like as multiple play field. I don't think it
is very useful if it can be picked up easily though, darker controls
area seems to be a good place to pick up.

> the darker control ribbon on top.
> 	- Also, unlike other morphs that are a composition, if user first 
> right-clicks (yellow) on the dark "ribbon" with the controls, a halo is 
> brought on it (AllignmentMorph), not on the outermost book frame.

Yes, actually it happens only on OLPC image. This is a side effect of
another improvement that you can bring up a halo for inner object on a
page directly. This feature is very useful to use a book. But I agree
this behavior is a bug on controls.

Thank you for mentioning it.

- Takashi

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