[Etoys] A few notes on Bookmorph

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 19 00:49:25 EDT 2006

On 2006 October 19 00:36, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi,
> There are a few confusing things about Bookmorph that I wanted to mention
> (the first for a long time). Neither of them are bugs, so I'll try to be
> brief:

I forgot #3, bringing up the book menu by clicking on the middle "." control, 
and then "find", the text runs outside the find window bounds,


> 1. This was very confusing to me when I first used the Bookmorph years ago.
> The page controls (> < etc) are way too small, for first time user the
> Bookmorph looks like an empty page without any way to move around. (I know
> there is baloon popus on the controls, but I remember I did not put mouse
> over them, as they seemed insignificant) Once user knows the little ants
> are controls it's good, but I would really like to have the page controls
> very large and stand out, perhaps ellipses with color background, because
> there seems lots of space across. There seems enough space even without
> making the dark ribbon on top taller. (I think on the small OLPC screen the
> controls must be almost unnoticable.)
> 2. Another confusing thing is that the only way to move to book around is
> to bring the hallos. That by itself is ok, with two comments:
> 	- All other non-trivial object presentations, (not sure how to express it,
> so by example) such as "Sound" "Movie Player", "All Scripts" can be picked
> up by left-clicking (red) somewhere in the non-input area. The BookMorph
> cannot, only by invoking the halo. It would be nice to pick it up by
> left-clicking on the darker control ribbon on top.
> 	- Also, unlike other morphs that are a composition, if user first
> right-clicks (yellow) on the dark "ribbon" with the controls, a halo is
> brought on it (AllignmentMorph), not on the outermost book frame.
> Just wanted to mention this, Milan
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