[Etoys] An idea of first screen for OLPC

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Tue Oct 17 13:20:56 EDT 2006


I have an idea for the first screen of OLPC etoys. We have discussed
that we need something like a project launcher to show etoy examples
for first use. To make it easy, I made a small script to show newest
10 projects with thumbnails in "my squeak" folder. I think it is useful
both browsing example projects and user made projects.

I did not publish it because I am not sure if it is really needed even
when now it's "freeze" week. But if you don't have another better idea
for first screen. This change set should be useful. What do you
think about it?

- It searches "my squeak" directory (/home/olpc/.sugar/default/etoys/public), or you can change it in EToysLauncher>>directory.
- The newest ten projects are shown.
- A thumbnail can be shown if there is "project name.gif" file.
- You can enter a project when you click a thumbnail.
- The list is updated when you go and back project.

You can download the image including this change set in

- Takashi
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