[Etoys] Performance improvements form 3.9 (backported) #3

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Oct 16 14:25:55 EDT 2006

On 16.10.2006, at 19:46, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

>   Marcus,
>   I forgot to mention, but
>> Change Set:		SubMorphCopy-md
>> Date:			16 October 2006
>> Author:			Marcus Denker
>   This one was considered "it seems to be ok.  We don't find any code
> that changes the result".  I don't remember the further discussion,
> but was there some analysis, or it is just seems to be ok as it is
> long time in 3.9 line images?

It's in 3.9 for some time now, yes. But it should not be really  
critical, so you might not want to add it.

The changeset that contained this had some optimization that helped a  
with text rendering:

-StrikeFontSet has been optimized to use the bitblt text primitive  
for bytestrings. For the multibyte path, it was still possible to  
save a few sends for a noticable improvement.

But you worked in that direction, so it might be already in or hard  
to merge.

Another change that I did not send is the Gradient Cache (Eddie  
I tested it on the OLPC image, and there are not many gradients left,  
so it will not
have any positive effect, I think.

One changeset you might consider to load is Andreas' version of the  
ByteSymbol primitive fix:

You fixed already the hashing primitive call, so this won't have any  
too big impact, but
it's nice to have the best solution for that (I think this fix is in  
3.8.1, too).


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