[Etoys] Latest Scamper fixes

karl karl.ramberg at chello.se
Sun Oct 15 14:13:19 EDT 2006

I'm not sure what the fixes to HTTPSocket were supposed to fix.
I know they broke some things.

About scamper: I noticed Scamper was in the image and that it
was not updated to the latest version. The latest version does 
not have any enhancements, but fixes to stuff already in the 

These are the latest changes to the Network-HTML package
(From package description):
FileUrl>toText returns String
Subject: [BUG]FileUrl>toText returns String
Author: Tim Rowledge

Date Posted: 2 December 2003
Archive ID: 14482
Comments: Err, generally a method named #toText would
a) be named asText
b) return a Text rather than a String.
Change Set: Network-HTML1-enhancements-rkris
Date: 22 July 2004
Author: Ram Krishnan
Enhancements/fixes to various aspects of Network-HTML:
- DownloadingImageMorph:- take into account sizing hints specified in  
tags using
a SketchMorph
- deal with failed downloads better
- HtmlEntity handles conversion of numeric ampersand entities
that specify a radix, e.g.,
HtmlEntity valueOfHtmlEntity: '#x20;' => Character space
- HtmlTokenizer deals withtype tags somewhat properly

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