[Etoys] File Descriptor release?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Fri Oct 13 16:02:48 EDT 2006


  Lately I'm moving files back and forth between a Windows PC and an
OLPC test board via a USB memory in VFAT.  The OLPC test board runs
official OLPC kernel (build 94) that is a modified Linux.  Here I have
a problem to unmount the file system after Squeak opens something on
the file system.

  A typical workflow is:

  * There are bare minimum stuff running on the board.  On X, xterm
    and twm and that is it.

  * mount a USB memory on the board:

    mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt

  * launch Squeak.  The binary of VM and image are on a different
    file system than /dev/sdb1.

  * open a FileList, and navigate to /mnt.

  * close the FileList.  Do 'purge undo records' (just for the heck of
    it) and do fullGC couples of times.

  * go to xterm while Squeak is running and try:

    umount /mnt

    I get "device is busy" error.

  * close Squeak and try unmount again.  I can unmount the file system
    this time.

  The VM is 3.9-8 that I compiled from the repository.  Is this
something to do with the Linux VFAT driver, or a problem with the
Squeak VM?

-- Yoshiki

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