[Etoys] A simple splash page advertisement for Etoys

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 12 11:29:55 EDT 2006

I made a couple of "tweaks" to this project -- changed a few words, 
the sequence (even though it loops) and hid the half-exposed trash 
can on one of the pages....I think it would be fun to add another 
page with a jpeg background to show that pictures can be imported...I 
may try that.

At 9:29 AM -0700 10/11/06, Alan Kay wrote:
>Here's a very simple example of a repeating bookmorph showing a few 
>kinds of things that can be done in Etoys.
>Basic idea is to have something like this be the start up project of 
>Etoys on XO and have a few buttons to the right for other choices, 
>such as:
>- some projects done by kids around the world
>- how to learn Etoys
>- just jump into a fresh project
>- etc.

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