[Etoys] A Progress Report

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 12 03:59:18 EDT 2006


  Too many changesets are flying around and I didn't take time to
explain them, but just update your image and you can see what is going

  There are still some mid-size changes are planned, but most of the
critical stuff are done.  We start more looking at optimizations that
won't change the functionality and smaller fixes.  I'll update
(finally) the "-latest" images on the server for people's convenience.

  As you may have seen, some people on this list are getting ready to
experiment real content making on the system.  So, now would be a good
time to start making some eToys.  Then, please write about bugs,
findings new ideas, and also reminder for what you already told us but
we forgot^^;

 These items don't have to be about this "October release", so feel
free a bit longer term issues.

  Thank you so much!

-- Yoshiki

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