[Etoys] Rebecca Allen's example intro to XO made into an Etoy JPEG movie

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Oct 11 21:46:22 EDT 2006


  It looks like it is doing 3.1 fps or such.

  BTW, our JPEG decoder and MPEG decoder are compiled to use platform
independent code.  The MPEG decoder comes with MMX and 3DNow assembly
code so we may be able to make it run faster just with different
compile configuration.  For JPEG, there should be some code around
that uses such instructions.  (Back when I was playing with iPAQ, I
tried "Intel Performance Primitives" that provides such code.  It gave
us factor of 8 or such improvement over JPEGReadWriter2.)

  If it is important for B-test, we can at least try and see how fast
MPEG decoding can be.

-- Yoshiki

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