[Etoys] Sample scenarios for intros, tutorials, etc.

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Wed Oct 11 12:55:07 EDT 2006

Hi Folks --

Let's think about what we need and/vs what we can do, and when ....

What we need is something that combines the old morphic score player 
with the Event Recorder, etc., Etc. We've talked about this for 
years, but haven't done one.

A scenario here is to

1. record the painting of the red car and making the forward by, turn 
by script for it.

2. we want to see this record laid out end to end in some readable 
form. It could be left to right scrolling (most normal) as in the 
ScorePlayer, or it could be top to bottom scrolling, etc.

3. We should be able to insert pauses, trim places where it takes too 
long, etc.

4. We need to lay in other events. The ScorePlayer does some of this. 
E.g. it will (or it used to) fire off a button placed on it when the 
cursor crossed the button. This can trigger other useful things, like 
new text appearing and disappearing, Voice Overs, effects, etc.

So one practical question here is whether the ScorePlayer could be 
adapted to take on events from the EventRecorder and actually be the 
player for the EventRecorder ....? This could give us a lot of useful 
functionality pretty easily ...



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