Actually ... Re[2]: [Etoys] New Paint brush feature.

Alan Kay alan.kay at
Wed Oct 11 09:16:44 EDT 2006

Hi Takashi --

This isn't quite "it", but it will work well enough.

My original intent here was to select just one color that would not 
be overwritten. This feature does something else, which is to only 
paint on the background (and ignore all of the colors already there). 
However, I think it will work OK for what we need to do over the next 
10 days, so I suggest just leaving it as it is.

In any case, it is incredibly useful to have this feature!



At 07:32 PM 10/10/2006, Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
>I added new feature for paint tool in 1041DrawBackground-tak.cs.  You
>can draw something on background of existing painting. It is effective
>to mimic like water color painting. It would help contents author
>rather than children. It was one of Alan's request list.
>- Start paint tool by brush icon in Navigator flap or repaint handle.
>- Choose color and brush size.
>- Draw something.
>- Choose another color.
>- Draw something with Shift + drag.
>I understand such Shift + drag is bad and unsophisticated. It should
>need proper UI in PaintBox widget. But the deadline for OLPC is very
>soon, so I gave up to put new button in there now.
>- Takashi
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