[Etoys] Squeak / Etoys RPMs

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Oct 6 20:57:54 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

I built RPMs for the Squeak virtual machine and the Etoys Sugar  
activity. Since the etoys.laptop.org address is not operational yet,  
I uploaded them here:


I verified they work on the A-test board with build 91. However, in  
that build there is a rather old version of Sugar (well, old on our  
time scale) so the Etoys icon does not show up correctly.

What can we do to get a more recent version into build 92? What is  
the procedure that determines what packages at which version go into  
a build?

MarcoPG: the etoys rpm spec file is right in the etoys git repository.


- Bert -

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