[Etoys] Re: Sound manipulation, Markus?

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Wed Dec 20 20:03:54 EST 2006

On Dec 19, 2006, at 6:59 PM, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

>   Markus,
>   While ago, there was some discussion about adding a few tiles for
> controling the tone of sound.  Apparently^^; you had some other high
> priority business back then.  How things are going now?
> WorldStethoscope code is in the OLPC image now, and we are in the mood
> of enhancing the image toward the middle of January.
> -- Yoshiki

Hi Yoshiki,

thanks for asking! The high priority business is done :-)) now I am  
back to business as usual...AND: There are holidays coming up now :-)

To summarize the "state of the art" on my side:

- I have a very basic csound etoy interface running here on my 1.67  
non intel powerbook via osc which works without noticable latencies.  
But: I am "just" triggering samples right now, -- though with a very  
high precision when the samples should be triggered.

- So the delta of my spike solution with the stethoscope solution (if  
stethoscope didn't  change since the last time I looked) is that I  
propose a tile where one could set _after which delay_ (say in terms  
of seconds) a sound with some frequency should be played. I think  
this funtionality is really useful as one could write little  
sequencers oneself. I made some funny toy projects where the x-axis  
of some morphs was bound to when the sound should be triggered and  
the y-axis to the freqeuncy of the sound.

- I have not fiddled yet with any sound-in capabilities of csound.

- I have some basic instruments/samples from TamTam working, but the  
frequencies and other stuff are not computed correctly yet, they need  
to be "normalized". I was playing with csd files (csound programs)  
directly and started there an osc loop waiting for some incoming osc  
events and triggering some notes. I am far away of being a "csd"  
hacker... So I just didn't do the maths involved here, and just made  
it -- well -- sound and not sound well... - So my big hope was to  
share some osc based python server, which is talking to csound, with  
the folks from TamTam -- I am just waiting for an answer about this  
subject from them. Simon?

I might have convinced them to use osc to do their client server  
functionality instead of sending some python commands over the line,  
as they did before and agreed with me to be insecure (at least if  
python is not sandboxed anyhow). As far as I have heared osc is used  
for the musical memory game already due to my suggestions for using  
this specific python osc library for TamTam...:-)

Bottom Line: To share my code with you now, you would need a csound  
version for the OLPC with osc build in.

The nicer solution would be to talk to a (probably python based)  
csound server via osc, as we could share a lot with the folks from  
TamTam who know better than most of us how to get some more funny  
beeps out of csound...

To get something going, could you build a csound version with osc? In  
any case I plan to package what I have done and publish it on  
squeaksource sometime during the next two weeks.

All the best,


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