[Etoys] A bug in resize and undo

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Sat Dec 16 03:19:29 EST 2006

Thank you, Abe-san and Yoshiki!

This is now fixed by update 1142undoResizeFixes-sw.cs.

This was a nasty bug, in the sense that it could make the "status  
control" at the top of an unlucky Scriptor permanently impaired.   
Very good to get this fixed.

The "attempt misc repairs" command (in the "authoring tools" menu)  
now includes a fixup of objects in the user's image which may have  
been adversely affected by an earlier encounter with this bug.  If a  
script seems unaccountably no longer to be controllable from the  
clockface in its Scriptor's header, try requesting "attempt misc  
repairs" to repair the condition.

Update 1142 also fixes another bug also involving undo of resize,  
which was reported for Squeak 3.9 on Mantis last month.


   -- Scott

On Dec 15, 2006, at 4:35 PM, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

>   Hello, (and Scott^^;)
>   Abe-san found a bug in the latest OLPC image.  To reproduce:
>   * Paint an object.
>   * Add a script to the object.  (a "turn by" would do.)
>   * Tick the script for a while.
>   * Stop the script.
>   * Resize the object with yellow handle.
>   * Undo "resize Sketch" from the navigator.
> And, if you tick the script again, it doesn't work.  The object seems
> to be substituted by different one.
> -- Yoshiki
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