[Etoys] SqueakMap on OLPC

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Dec 13 05:25:22 EST 2006


I stumbled over the laptop.org lists and decided to join. I noticed some
posts about the SqueakMap loader, Yoshiki mentioned there is no simple way
of opening it for an eToys user. Is there any interest in enabling it? And
what would be a simple way? It has been prepared to be included in the
Tools flap btw - you just need to regenerate the flaps to get it IIRC. But
the loader itself is not targeted at this audience of course so:

Are there any existing thoughts about how we could enable SM for OLPC use?
We could create specific categories for OLPC packages and we could even
create a tailored SqueakMap Loader for OLPC users. Since Brian Rice and I
are currently reviving SqueakMap development I am all ears.

regards, Göran

PS. The plans include decentralization of the map etc so it will be
possible to set up special maps for OLPC use - just as you can set up
Debian repositories for specific usage.

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