[Etoys] Impressions on B1 Machine

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Sat Dec 9 13:33:10 EST 2006


> I really like the paint tool from Scratch.(http://scratch.mit.edu/) 
> Could we get that over to OPLC-Squeak ?

  The license issue aside, it is an interesting option.  One of the
goals is to make the tool the users use has similar look; I.e., the
paint tool that the user would use in Etoys and the official paint
tool in Sugar should provide common interface.  There are some
senarios toward this goal:

  1. We use current Etoys paint tool, and adjust its look and feel.

  2. Incorporate Scratch's paint tool and adjust its look and feel.

  3. Use Sugar's painting tool (if possible).

  The last one is probably the hardest.  It is probably not quick
enough to launch, and implementing onion skin over Etoys might be an
issue.  But for the user, if nicely integrated, it can be the best

  Either the option 1 or 2, it requires some work, and the option 2
would require more.  We need to wait for the Sugar's implementation
anyway and see what we can do.

  (Another option is that exporting the paint tool in Etoys as the
standard painting tool.  This has many upsides.)

-- Yoshiki



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