[Etoys] [fix] PasteUpMorph shall not accept ScriptEditorMorph version 3

Karl karl.ramberg at chello.se
Tue Dec 5 12:16:12 EST 2006

Karl wrote:
> Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>>   * [fix] PasteUpMorph shall not accept ScriptEditorMorph (version 3)
>>     This was also a feature.  Think Takashi's Demon Castle tutorial.
>>     This one and the other one has upside and downside, and not
>>     entirely obvious whether to be included or not.
> Thinking about this a little I remembered that we have a preference 
> that deals with this issue : systemWindowEmbedOK
> Before the preference was introduced all menus and SystemWindows would 
> embed into PasteUpMorphs etc.
> What do you think of using the preference on ScriptEditorMorphs as 
> well, I think they are a kind of SystemWindow and
> it would be possible to change setting when one really wants to embed 
> the ScriptEditorMorph. Maybe one wants to embed some menus and 
> SystemWindows in the future as well and the preference is then already 
> set for you :-) 
Here is the change set with the preference systemWindowEmbedOK.


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