Disable (?) NM random mac for shared XO wifi - USB0 / Chrome/ Pi Zero

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sat Jul 14 01:07:36 EDT 2018


But why do you need to give a MAC address on cmdline.txt on the RPi
and in the XO udev script?  g_ether should assign an address, and
cdc_ether should receive it from USB descriptors.

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 10:50:44AM -0400, Carrol Riddle wrote:
> Soliciting info or pointers to resources for disabling mac address randomization by NetworkManager for USB0 (eth1) on XO's.  Wifi mac addresses are not randomized.
> An XO can share its Wifi over wired ethernet link (USB0) where it can be used by
> a Chromium browser on a linked Raspberry Pi Zero (not W).  SSH -X on the link
> allows XO keyboard and display to be used for Chromium.
> The several setup steps are simple, but must be repeated with each boot since
> NetworkManager (version 0.9.8.* on XO's) supplies a different mac address for
> the link on each boot.  To provide a simple Sugar wrapper to run Chromium, a
> consistent mac address would be needed.
> Methods from web searches have not been successful in disabling randomization, 
> largely since they use features added after 0.9.8.   Using a udev rule to "ifconfig
> usb0 hw ether address" has come the closest, but breaks after a few boots and returns to
> randomization.
> For those interested, details are below, but are only peripheral to question.  This use of the XO's display, keyboard and wifi by Chromium / Zero provides a low cost way to access a widely accepted browser. The Zero can be plugged into XO USB for power and signals. The Zero is
> available for < $10, and with SD card and plug, total cost should be $15 - 20
> USD. 
> ______________________________________
> MANUAL METHOD - XO (after Pi Zero setup)
> In Sugar, connect to wifi . This needs to be done only the first time and is
> persistent between boots.  Switch to Gnome and disconnect from the "Wired
> connection ?" that just formed. Edit the connection :  IPv6 to ignore, IPv4 to
> require IPv4 and "shared to other computers"   and save.  Connect to this
> connection.  The connection info should show ip address starting with 10:  .
> This link is not persistent between boots.
> systemctl enable sshd.service
> PI ZERO SETUP (prior)
> Raspberry Pi Zero with Raspbian Desktop installed.  To   /boot/config.txt on  Pi
> SD edit and add dtoverlay=dwc2 .  To /boot/cmdline.txt add after "rootwait"
>  modules-load=dwc2,g_ether host_addr=00:22:82:ff:ff:20 dev_addr=00:22:82:ff:ff:22          (Substitute local mac addresses.)   To start with SSH, add dummy "ssh" file to /boot directory.  On XO, ssh pi at raspberrypi.local with password raspberry   .   Configure Zero to boot to
> command line (CLI) with raspi-config  .  To use Raspbian desktop,  ssh -X
> pi at raspberry.local, and then /etc/X11/Xsession.  The Pi Tool Bar partially
> overlaps the Gnome Tool Bar, but selecting "medium display size" minimizes
> affects.
> UDEV INFO FOR RULES  (but not able to make work)
> DRIVERS=="cdc_ether"
> ATTRS{idVendor=1d6b}
> ATTRS{idProduct=0001}
> RUN+="/etc/udev/scripts/rpi"
> Script rpi:
> ifconfig usb0 down
> ifconfig usb0 hw ether 00:22:82:FF:FF:20
> ifconfig usb0 up
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