Porting XO laptops to newer Linux kernels

Samuel Greenfeld samuel at greenfeld.org
Sat Sep 16 23:28:14 EDT 2017

It has been a few years (Fedora 18) since the original XO Laptop series has
had any sort of major Operating System update.

In order to support newer versions of Systemd, features found in newer
versions of the Linux kernel are required.  And from limited exploratory
work done years ago, the XO-1 mesh networking & XO-1.5 Camera drivers may
need fixing even though they are in upstream kernels.

Are there any low-level kernel developers out there interested in porting
XO laptops (both x86 & ARM) to a Linux 4.x kernel or a later 3.x kernel so
they can be used with newer Linux distributions?  Or should we presume that
all public XO laptop development (apart from minor patching) is officially
dead at this point?

I presume hardware can be made available provided someone has the interest.

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