How do i test my jffs2 images?

James Cameron quozl at
Tue Jul 25 20:02:38 EDT 2017

When you use mkfs.jffs2 you will have an .img file.

Firmware uses a CRC file to check the IMG file.

Generate a CRC file using the sumtool and crcimg commands, see how we
do it in our builder;

sumtool is part of mtd-utils package.

crcimg is a binary from the crcimg package on Fedora 18, or there is a
perl script in xodist,

	git clone

Put the two files on a USB drive, e.g. file.img and file.crc

On the XO-1, get to the Ok prompt in the firmware, then

	ok copy-nand u:\file.img

Also at the ok prompt you can explore the filesystem

	ok dir nand:\
	ok dir nand:\boot\

James Cameron

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