Firefox on XO

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Jan 9 00:04:39 EST 2017

Firefox-26 from Fedora 18 using yum was built by the Fedora project,
but Firefox-50 downloaded from Mozilla was built by the Mozilla

Firefox-26 from Fedora 18 has different build configuration settings
to Firefox-50 from Fedora latest.  You might compare those settings by
looking at the RPM spec file.

You can find the Fedora packaging files for Firefox here; (the current
master branch), (the
last Fedora 18 build),

Firefox might be rebuilt with these configuration settings changed;
see rpmbuild.

But I don't think you'll be likely to find a recent build of Firefox
suited for Fedora 18.  Everyone else will have upgraded by now.

James Cameron

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