Re (2): low battery shutdown

Richard Smith smithbone at
Tue Mar 1 21:45:14 EST 2016

 > OK, thanks.
> From:	James Cameron <quozl at>, Tue, 23 Feb 2016 06:18:55 +1100
>> If a couple of full charge and discharge cycles don't fix the
>> inconsistency, the battery is close to end of usable life.
>> I agree with Paul that power-logs will be useful if Peter wants to
>> dive deeper into the technical causes.

Unfortunately, I never got around to implementing any sort of dynamic 
calibration for the %/mAh.  The algorithm still treats your battery as 
if it were new.

As others have said your battery is probably just showing its age.  1.5 
was built in 2010-2011 so unless you got a new battery its 5 or so years 
old.  That was the design life goal for each generation.

The rating was 50% available capacity after 2000 cycles. Only 30% loss 
in 5 years of use is actually quite good.  A typical Li battery would 
have long been trash.  It's one of the reasons we used LiFePO4 chemistry.

If you do run the capacity test I'd be interested in seeing your results.

Richard A. Smith

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