how to run script upon/after XO's 1st boot?

Adam Holt holt at
Thu Jan 7 15:47:39 EST 2016

1) Can a script be run at the end of Sugar's first boot?  Or really anytime
after gsettings name/gender/grade stuff?  (After every boot if nec.)

I tried inserting a script very late within /usr/bin/sugar (however that
runs too early during Sugar's 1st boot) but I'm now remember an
autoexec.bat-style /home/olpc/.olpc-<something?> file Quozl mentioned
earlier which is auto-run for testing --- hopefully near the end of Sugar's
launch, does anyone recall such/similar?

(Crazy Talk: might be there be some way to trigger off the creation of
/home/olpc/.olpc-configured which apparently happens during 1st boot?  In
any case, 1st boot or any-subsequent-boot can be resolved trivially, given
a suitable trigger/callout we need near the end of Sugar's every bootup
sequence, regardless whether 1st-boot or every-subsequent-boot...)

2) Much Harder Question, which might not be solvable:

Resetting ("gsettings reset ...") or renaming Sugar's nick from Terminal
using "gsettings set org.sugarlabs.user nick TEST-MACHINE-XYZ" works!  But
scripting this doesn't work using 'su - olpc -c "gsettings set
org.sugarlabs.user nick DEFAULT-MACHINE-XYZ" ' fails, with error:

** (process:2326): CRITICAL **: unable to create directory
'run/user/0/dconf': Permission denied. dconf not working properly.

** (process:2326): WARNING **: failed to commit changes to dconf: Error
spawning command line 'dbus-launch
--autolaunch=7115ce3ab0574964a6590ee50e4be226 --binary-syntax
--close-stderr': Child process exited with code 1

(Might there be any other ways to script this / skin this cat?)
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