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Paul Fox pgf at
Sun Jan 3 19:01:19 EST 2016

peter wrote:
 > Greetings to all for the New Year,
 > Paul Fox, pgf at, Sat Dec 5 11:02:48 EST 2015,
 > > the "game controller" is simply 4 separate electrical contacts ...
 > > ...   use 'xev' to check ...
 > A "Hardware" section now in .
 > Corrections, criticisms and suggestions welcome.

the only mistake i see in your new section is that there are 4 buttons,
not 5.

 > Can anyone tell where the nomenclature "KP_Up" and etc. originated?
 > A mainframe console in the 1960s?

i suspect the names came about when the PC/AT keyboard was introduced
by IBM.  i think that was the first PC keyboard to have a separate
numeric keypad.  (but that's just an informed guess.)

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