Raspberry Pi/clone(s) most ruggedizable for OLPC fieldwork?

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Feb 7 09:07:14 EST 2016

On Feb 7, 2016 3:22 AM, "Peter Robinson" <pbrobinson at gmail.com> wrote:
> things like
> the PINE64 above it has a SoC attached network but not storage.

Both SATA (real TB+ disks) and Ethernet (external Wi-Fi AP antennae) are
icing-on-the-cake we will both strongly consider.

> As is stands at the moment some of the best cheap devices for server
> style devices is AllWinner A20 devices (CubieTruck, BananaPi and
> friends) and i.MX6 devices (Wandboard, CuBox-i and friends)

Hugely helpful.

Key criterion for offline/remote deployments: does this accept 128GB
MicroSD cards, so 2016's developing world $50-100 "knowledge hotspots"
increasingly now become very real?  (Aside: 256GB MicroSD cards will be
part of this well before 2020, apparently beyond the capability of most of
these SoC's.)

Peter, does Fedora 24 have a shot to one day run on the "$19" Pine64
Plus?!  Even if it's ambiguous whether it can truly contain 2GB RAM as
advertised, Pine64 claims to run up to 70C which is very promising if
true.  ($15 Pine64 contains 512MB, and $19 "Pine64 Plus" contains 1GB RAM.
Their 2GB RAM story is very attractive, but may be marketing vaporware for

Or...would you recommend other ruggedized platforms to run Fedora, for
schools/libraries/clinics needing this in place by January 1st 2017?
(Thankfully size does not matter.  Cubox is very cute, and we will use it
if it's the most rugged, but physically larger units are also fine too.
Certainly Fedora remains a priority for now, given schoolserver.org's
obvious OLPC legacy +)
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